Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I apply to become a patient? 

Click here to visit our application page to learn about the application process.

Are your hearing aids free?

No, A&E Hearing Connection does not offer free hearing aids. Although we do receive donated hearing aids from individuals, there are costs involved in cleaning, refurbishing, and re-programming these devices for our patients. These costs are included in our sliding-scale patient fees.

I don’t qualify for most social programs, yet I cannot afford hearing aids. Would I qualify for your program?

It is possible. Our program is designed to meet the needs of many who often fall between the cracks when it comes to qualifying for other healthcare services. We provide services for people with annual household income up to 250% of the federal poverty level.

The only way to know definitively whether you qualify for our program is to submit a complete application. Click "Apply" above to begin the process.

What is the federal poverty level and how do I know if I qualify based on my income?

Click here to access the current federal poverty level guidelines on All income earned in the family is counted towards your annual income.

Having access to liquid assets like savings, stocks, and/or bonds may disqualify you from our program. During the application process, you must disclose these assets so that we may assess your complete financial means. We also consider extenuating circumstances such as medical bills and other hardships when determining eligibility.

Click "Apply" above and download our new patient application to review a listing of required disclosures.

How can I support A&E Hearing Connection?

The best ways to support our program are:

  1. Donate (Click here to visit our donation page)
  2. Volunteer (Click here to visit our volunteer page to learn about our needs and apply to become a volunteer)
  3. Spread the word on social media, among your friends, or within your organization. 

Why do I need to complete volunteer service hours to receive hearing aids if I am paying a sliding-scale fee?

As a nonprofit clinic serving low-income individuals, we have extremely limited resources. We rely on donations, grants, volunteers, and other sources of support from the community to sustain our program. 

Our Circle of Giving model involves patients paying for their hearing healthcare services in two ways:

  1. Sliding-scale fees based on income
  2. Volunteering at a community service organization of your choice

The less you pay in fees, the more community service hours we require. Our philosophy is that everyone is capable of serving others, regardless of their skills or abilities. Through service to the community, our patients have ownership of their own future and are active participants in their hearing healthcare. We hope that some of our patients will continue this service even after they’ve completed their required service commitment.

If you physically cannot do your volunteer service, our program allows for a loved one, friend, or other person to complete your hours on your behalf. This is a very important component to our program. 

My loved one passed away and was a hearing aid user. Is there anything that can be done with his/her hearing aids?

Yes, in many cases used hearing aids can be utilized by someone else. We accept donations of hearing aids in any condition, and from any manufacturer. Donated hearing aids are a great way to allow your loved one’s passing to provide someone else the Gift of Hearing.

There are two types of hearing aids:

  1. Behind-the-Ear - These can be refurbished, cleaned, and re-programmed. Depending on the condition, they will be able to be fit onto someone else.  
  2. Custom/In-the-Ear - Although these cannot be directly fit onto someone else, we accept donated devices and then turn them into manufacturers for credit towards the purchase of a new aid, or to be used for the internal parts to be used on other reconditioned aids. 

Used hearing aids are a tax-deductible donation. Click here to visit our donation page for more information.